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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we served have to say about Real Property Management Results. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

“Missy at Real Property Management has gone above and beyond to help us out! They are amazing!”

– Miranda C.

“Great people to work with, they communicate very well. The staff is always willing to help out in any way, and they take pride in taking care of their customers.”

– Scott H.

“From the very beginning, Chad and his team made me feel like a pro even though it was my first investment property. The management fees are very reasonable compared to other management companies I checked out. Chad is very easy to talk to and doesn’t make you feel uninformed. RPM started recommending improvements as soon as they took over the keys. The improvements they recommended were based on proven upgrades that helped to secure a lease for the property within 30 days.”

– Douglas A.

“Very responsive and professional customer service.”

– Andy M.

Results Owner Review


“Cannot say enough about this company! Chad is a great guy to deal with and always addresses all issues with his tenants in mind. Great office staff as well. If you’re looking for a temporary or permanent place to rent, call Chad or Selene at RPM Results”

– Wayne O.

Never had any issue getting ahold of anyone here and no complaints at all for the year I lived on their property. Chad is great and was always willing to help out. Missy was fantastic in showing us the place and making my move out smooth. Couldn’t recommend anywhere else to try to rent!

– James H.

“This is my second year renting with Chad, and I really recommend it. They are very accessible and responsible with their tenants, Chad and Selene very nice people highly recommend renting with them!”

– Gudy V.

“This is a great company, Chad has been more than helpful and wonderful to work with!”

– Shannon G.

Video Testimonials